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Security Seminar on Understanding Network Security
Time & Date  9:00 AM Tuesday Oct 12, 2004
Location  New York city
Registration  on-line registration
This seminar is brought to you in partnership with the world's leading provider of Internet security solutions
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SonicWALL, the world's leading provider of Internet security solutions, and Horizon Knowledge Gold Partner representing the east coast would like to invite business owners and network professionals to attend a highly informative and FREE Internet security seminar in New York. Hosted by SonicWALL and Horizonk Knowledge, this seminar is designed to give you an overview of how to better protect your network from the threats your business faces.

You'll learn:
  • The four main threats to your network.
  • How hackers malicious code, and even your own network users pose ever-present risks to security and productivity.
  • Why your company is a target – even if you think you’re safe.
  • How to avoid the risks and take advantage of the multiple benefits of wireless network access.
  • How to detect and prevent intrusion attacks.
  • Horizon Knowledge's exclusive 5-Step Approach to achieving network security.

SonicWALL & Horizon Knowledge experts will be on hand to discuss the many threats your network is exposed to everyday, including DoS attacks, malicious code, and intrusions, and how you, as the protector of your company’s network, can maintain it's integrity while enabling your workforce to be mobile and productive.

Join us at the RISK seminar. It’s the only RISK worth taking.

Register for the seminar.